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What is Counselling

Sometimes there are things in life that can stop us living life in the way we wish we could. 

At AR Counselling, I offer a safe and non-judgemental setting for you to explore what might be stopping you living the life you want to lead. I provide a space where you will be heard, I will listen to you and work to understand you as when we don’t have the outlet to express ourselves, it can often lead to negative consequences.

In this modern world, we are exposed to many harmful world events and unwelcome images. Our news feeds seem to be full of negative and harmful material which can have a huge impact on our mental health. It can be hard not to absorb the profound problems and crucial issues the world is facing, this along with a demanding and fast paced modern life, it can all feel too much

It can be scary reaching out for support but you are not alone.

Counselling works to helping you own your feelings. It helps you unveil the answers beneath the surface and regain your power to regulate what it is that is making you feel this way.

Counselling is your time and no subject is off limits. You can bring what you wish to your sessions and we can explore this together in confidence. (*There are a small number of limitations to our confidentiality but we will discuss this before we begin our work together)

Counselling could help you learn new skills to last you throughout your lifetime and the benefits of counselling will continue long after we stop working together.

Counselling won't be easy. It will take time, and involve some challenging work.

To find the strength to admit to yourself something is not working, you are strong enough to make the change.


About Me

My name is Alison

I received my BA Honours Degree in Counselling and Brief interventions from the University of Lancaster in 2016

I have trained in a number of therapeutic approaches, these include Person Centred, Solution Focus, CBT, NLP and Motivational Interviewing

I know these may not be of significance to some but each approach has a lot to offer within therapy.

I believe in using a combined approach within counselling to ensure each counselling session is adapted to suit each individual client. I will use aspects from each therapeutic approach to ensure you get the most out of our sessions together.

If you would like to work within one approach, this is also not a problem. After all, counselling is for you. 

I feel passionately about mental health. It's a hidden element of all of us and we never truly know how another person is feeling behind the mask.

There's a saying 'be the change you want to see in the world' and I want to be that change for you. We are all human, we all feel pain, we all feel sorrow and we all have good days and bad days. It's having the capacity to deal with these feelings and use them to live a more positive life.

Changing your outlook on life and turning those bad days into good days by learning from then as opposed to letting the bad days take over.


How can I access counselling 

and how much will it cost?


Video call counselling 

£38.00 per session
6 sessions for £195.00

I will video call you by either Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime. This call will be at a convenient prearrange time  

Our sessions will be 50 minutes and will continue for an agreed time frame.

You will need a confidential and quiet space to speak from, somewhere you won't be interrupted or overheard

You will need the use of a laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone that is suitable for receiving video calls.


Telephone Counselling

£30.00 per session
6 sessions for £150.00

I will telephone you at our prearranged time. 

Our sessions will be 50 minutes and will continue for an agreed time frame.

You will need a confidential and quiet space to speak from, somewhere you won't be interrupted or overheard

You will need the use of a mobile telephone or a landline

Happy Girl Texting

Text Message counselling support

£80.00 for unlimited* text message counselling over a period of one week

*There are no limits to the number of text messages exchange and no guarantee of receiving a response within any given time frame. Text messages will be replied to in an as and when basics, usually between the hours of 9am to 9pm 

Messages can be exchanged over text message or WhatsApp

Perfect for those with busy lives who may be struggling to find an uninterrupted time frame


Email counselling support

£20.00 per email

Receiving counselling via email is perfect for busy lives, they are ideal for setting goals whist offering more freedom to work at your own pace.
Email counselling can be used to organise thoughts and help to direct focus to where it may be needed.


Walk and talk counselling

£40.00 per session
£210.00 for 6 sessions

Walk and talk counselling takes therapy out of the confines of a room and into the great outdoors.

These walking sessions will be 50 minutes long and take place in a prearrange outdoor setting.

Maybe you have tried ‘traditional’ counselling and it was not for you or maybe you enjoy the freedom of being in the great outdoors, the benefits of walk and talk therapy are extensive.

Contributing to both physical and mental health. It has been shown that exercise of any kind can trigger positive feelings in the body whilst spending time in nature can help fight depression and anxiety.

The relationship between counsellor and client is very unique. The combination of walking and talking can allow for easier engagement as being outdoors can remove the intensity of sharing your thoughts

Walk and talk therapy can take place within country parks local to Wigan, Bolton and Warrington. Social distancing will be maintained throughout


Single session counselling

£55.00 for one 90 minute session

These sessions can be delivered by video call, over the phone or walk and talk.

These 90 minute sessions can be utilise for a number of reasons. They are ideal for people who know what it is they would like to discuss, they can be used to set goals and organise thoughts and feelings.

We encounter many life altering experiences in life and it can be easy to assume we must move on from them. These sessions can be used to share a story or an experience, for example, your birthing story. 


What if I don’t want to talk about a problem? Can I still get help?


Solution-focused therapy is an approach to counselling based on solution building rather than problem-solving. Although it can acknowledge present problems and past causes, it predominantly explores current resources and future hopes. 

It works by helping to overcome problems without tackling them

Rather than placing focus on a weakness or limitation, we concentrate on strengths and possibilities. 

We ask the question, what would you like your future to look like and we take realistic, workable steps to achieve this

When we’re seeking a solution, it’s not always helpful to examine the details. We want results, not a narrative about how or why things became the way they are, this also helps make this approach fast and affective 

This is approach is also great for those who aren’t sure why they are feeling down but know they want to make a change 


For more information or to book a session

Feeling ready to make a change? Contact me today to schedule a session.

Leigh WN7, UK

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